Castelldefels House

The expansion of this house in Castelldefels became necessary after the increase of the family. Therefore, the functions of its spaces were modified always taking advantage of the existing structure of the house.

The typology of the architecture of the house changes diametrically and moves from a compartmentalised house under poor light conditions to open spaces now flooded with light that promotes family activities.

  • The lower floor is maintained as the daylight floor where collective activities take place. These activities are spread across an enormous living room and dining room enlightened by multiple openings and a gallery kitchen that leads to the garden through a glass and steel pergola.
  • For these spaces, we came up with architectural solutions to improve comfort regarding heat, acoustic and lighting requirements. Aesthetics preserve Josep Cortina’s standards, which are based on clean and balanced spaces full of warmth and quality. His slogan “static aesthetics” pursues unostentatious luxury.
  • The kitchen consisting of linear and pure shapes but warm and close textures is entirely designed and made by Estudi Josep Cortina. For this occasion, we have combined avant-garde technology with completely genuine materials like the drawer front end composed by wooden blocks cut with an axe.
  • Upstairs, there is the night floor. As with the day floor, we can find well-balanced spaces that maximize daylight by means of wooden and clear walls that lead us to Mediterranean reminiscence. In the suite, there is a highly complex headboard designed by Josep Cortina that hides the bedside tables as if they were drawers.

The study, placed at the longitudinal axe of the house, is perfectly symmetrical, evoking rationality and balance with only essential required elements. Castelldefels house is a highly complex works-project made by Estudi Josep Cortina that highlights the soul of a house to turn things upside down. For this reason, Josep Cortina plans personally all his projects resolute to achieve a perfect finishes level.