About Us

After several years of collaboration in different design and engineering offices, in 2010, Josep Cortina decides to launch his own interior design conception. He creates Estudi Josep in Barcelona, which means a new framework to freely develop and boost a simple and personal style of design. This style is already rooted in young entrepreneurs and individuals as well as in renowned enterprise clients.

In Estudi Josep Cortina we know how to fulfil your needs and how to find an effective way to avoid conventionalism and passing trends. We are looking for static aesthetic to achieve fixed results and to keep its essence and originality over the years not following the massive trend. We create unique and timeless pieces. We need to revive and reinvent ourselves, starting from scratch innovating and adapting to any demands of the clients in order to design in a personalised manner each and every new project. Either in commercial premise, restaurants or housing aesthetic and functionality are perfectly combined to become a single element.

Our idea of designing a space is not only decorating four walls to create impressive surroundings. Our idea of design goes far beyond: our aim is to create a unique place which its own personality all of which illustrates our distinct imprint.