Facial Perfumeries

Interior design, commercial | 2017

Josep Cortina opted to rearrange with the Facial project a sector that is under constant bombardment of fast design cosmetics and fragrances. The aim of this task was to recover the values of an historical brand and to turn them into an own aesthetic identity. And this is a hard task in a field where brands fight to have a greater impact than its competition and where shops are visual blitz leaded by chaos and anarchy, thereby interfering the sale.

In this case, Estudi Josep Cortina generated the whole corporate design of the new brand: graphics, furnishings, spaces and marketing strategy. This is considered essential to be consistent so that the product can reach the final costumer.

All the elements are redesigned paying attention to the “know how” of the Facial’s managers. Then we create new lines of sale, what will improve their capacity, visibility and their anti-theft system. That all will ensure a high level of the brand’s positioning instead of a simply container brand.

What Estudi Josep Cortina raises is the idea of investing in the shop so that it will stand the test of time. To invest in the excellence of the container allows us to spend the resources for continuous improvement in sales promotion concept and visual merchandising.

Experiential zones are the main focus in these shops. We are aware that shops are no longer a store of sales and have become a place where assessment and personal experience are the roadmap for the future of the retail. That is reason why we have been deeply involved making these spaces more dynamic, so they can become true laboratories where the costumers learn how to use everything they buy.