Gourmet Bus

The fusion of the services of Autocares Juliá, Turisme Barcelona y Restaurante Gaig has given rise to the Gourmet Bus, designed and created by Josep Cortina. The Michelin-starred experience is reinvented, beyond our expectations, in a sightseeing coach which offers the service of an haute cuisine restaurant.

The route includes the most iconic places in the city, and the tour is enhanced by a number of 360º cameras placed strategically in the coach, which enable passengers to see their surroundings from another perspective on a screen found in each seat.

Halfway through the trip, the coach stops in an spectacular location in the city, where a gourmet menu is served. The dishes, produced by chef Carles Gaig, are chosen to showcase the best of Catalan cuisine.

To allow the fusion of the sightseeing tour and the haute cuisine meal, the bus has been totally redesigned; reworking both its exterior and interior, modifying spaces, customising chairs and tables, and changing lighting, wall and floor coverings. The Gourmet Bus has been created with the aesthetics and facilities of a restaurant, including a kitchen to prepare the food, two bathrooms, and a new air conditioning system, housed in the glass roof.