Hotel Catalonia Plaza Restaurant

Restaurant services | Hoteles Catalonia | 2014

This restaurant, now called Kurai, is the synthesis of forms and the right balance with the materials.

The local is a dreamlike scene: a wood of geometrical forms with an industrial appearance. However, it is imbued with the essence of organics. Wood and iron create a harmony within the tension of what is industrial, geometric and cold and what is organic, sinuous and warm.

It is divided into three areas: room, kiosk and private. While these atmospheres are extremely distinguished, they formally fit in perfectly. The dinner area looks like a big flower bed that reaches the sumptuous cooking show. This confers spectacularism, dynamism and vitality to the whole ensemble.

As usual in Josep Cortina’s projects, the set of pieces that defines the interior design has been exclusively conceived for this space, turning it in a unique piece, full of functionality as a whole, and full of sensitivity in the details that shape it.