Ignasi Iglesias’ House

This house, placed in Barcelona, has been completely designed and built by Estudi Josep Cortina. So, for this specific assignment, there are no restrictions concerning creativity.

The house is divided into 3 levels:

  1. Daylight floor: composed by a terrace and an dining room/kitchen with three big openings that allow to take a seat in a space that combines indoors and outdoors.
  2. Children’s floor: defined by three suites and a playroom aiming to give a special place just for the smallest ones.
  3. Night and leisure floor: integrated by a complete suite with a dressing room, and office and a leisure and multimedia area.

In this project, Josep Cortina’s approach to all the design strategy has been to generate elements that don’t disturb the two basic axes:

  • Harnessing of light by generating clean spaces free from distraction to enjoy the beauty and order.
  • Design and execution of all the functional and decorative elements of the house, so that the space can evoke what exactly it is: a coherent space and absolutely clean, where wealth and heterogeneity are given by wood and oxide textures.

We created every new element of the house such as furnishings, the stairs, the sculpture consisting of a fume hood and a wide-format lamp, two giant covers protecting the swimming pool during cold seasons and that gives us a floor in which you can stand up and walk onto it… Everything has been created from the studio in order to be adapted to our clients’ real needs.