Interior design | 2017

Estudi Josep Cortina has designed the new restaurant Plato 86 in Hong Kong, owned by the prestigious international chef Alvin Leung and the Lex Group. The restaurant, located in the Wan Chai district and built by David Sung, has a sophisticated Mediterranean inspiration that reinterprets the spirit of the chiringuito (typical beach Spanish construction) and elevates it to the haute cuisine. Its name, Plato 86, endorses the gastronomic industry expression of number 86 that means “having sold all their dishes”.

Our studio has designed and developed the entire interior of Plato 86, favouring a sober and fresh atmosphere, inspired by Mediterranean life and, specifically, by a chic interpretation of the iconic chiringuito of our beaches, which is so appreciated by Asian tourists. «Using the iconic Minorcan window as the main element of design, a complex set of structures is generated transporting us to an outdoor terrace,» states interior designer, Josep Cortina. «The interplay of lights and close hand-crafted materials offer a mixture of technique and poetry completely balanced,» adds the creator of the design.

Cortina has a very synthetic vision when it comes to using simple and straight forms as well as living materials and organic textures. «Within this vision, he chose the chiringuito as an iconic element of the restoration in the Mediterranean», he explains. The honest materials and the roof of branches that filter the light project shadows that generate a sensation of ‘inside and outside’. «Through the use of these frames in the structures that fly over the tables, we intend to generate a complex interplay of shadows that offer the feeling that the place is uncovered,» he adds.

The design of the restaurant Plato 86 was launched at the end of March 2017 and was designed entirely in Estudi Josep Cortina. The painter and illustrator Alexandra Illa has been responsible for all the illustrations and paintings of the new establishment, which evoke and reproduce the Mediterranean marine fauna. «The idea to develop was quite clear, given that I wanted to give life to marine animals in a clean space dominated by white and natural wood to partly represent the spirit of that place.» Her illustrations are made with spatula with ink sumi, acrylic and dense gel, under the inspiration of the gyotaku ancient Japanese technique (gyo «fish» and taku «rub»).

About the chef Alvin Leung

Alvin King Lon Leung, also known as The Demon Chef is a famous and prestigious chef born in London. He holds three Michelin stars at his restaurant Bo innovation in Hong Kong and one Michelin star at his restaurant Bo London, based in Mayfair, London. A third restaurant, Bo Shanghai, has been opened in Shanghai, China. He has also invented the X-Treme Chinese, which entails his own innovating and provocative cooking conception. Leung serves also as one of the three judges in Master Chef Canada.

Plato 86
Shop 2, 1/F, Causeway Centre, No.28
Harbour Road
Wan Chai (Hong Kong)