Sant Andreu House

Casa Sant Andreu is the complete renovation of a family home dating from the beginning of the 20th century, in a residential neighbourhood of Barcelona. The designer’s intention is to give the home new uses, adapted to changing needs, and optimise every square metre, but without creating a labyrinthine effect of too many walls. For this reason the different spaces are not enclosed. Yet a completely open-plan effect, where there is no delimitation of different areas, is also avoided. With this in mind, key structural elements, like the original staircase, have been used to define spaces without dividing them rigidly.

Lines of vision and of light are fundamental to the success of the project. These pass through the lower floor and the house by means of clean axes which create great visual depth.

Throughout the lower floor original features such as the beams and Catalan vaulted ceilings have been revealed, selectively integrating historical elements and simple modern shapes, creating a marvellous marriage of past and present.